The Reassure Platform

Reassure offers operational efficiency and uses [Intercept’s] Azure Expert MSP best practices that will help you meet the standard of a great Cloud MSP. All this is shared in one white-labeled platform.

Our platform focuses on achieving:

Operational efficiency

Run operations smoothly as an (aspiring) cloud MSP. Make your process repeatable and scalable so you can optimize your internal and operational processes. Excelling your business around finance, operations, and sales.

Exceeding Expectations

With our Azure Expert MSP best practices, you offer your customers insights into Cloud aspects that matter. Save time and effort and benefit from proven methods immediately. You can start today to be an Azure Expert MSP for your customers.

Around the aspects that matter the most:

Business Processes

Save time by automating your billing

Spend 3 hours instead of 3 days a month on billing. Reassure is integrated with Microsoft Partner Center API and your ERP to automate billing, purchase, and invoices.

Personalize Reassure with integrated systems

Customer data from different systems integrated into 1 overview. For example Sign request, Power BI, ERP, and ITSM tooling. Revenue leakage will be almost impossible.

Be 100% financial transparant to your customers

Show consumption breakdown down through Reassure and apply margins per customer. This Power BI-hosted overview is always a 100% match with your customers' invoices.

Generate more revenu by invoicing extra spend

Integrating with your ERP you can easily invoice additional hours spent on customers without managed services. Add 3rd party licenses, services, and hardware to your invoice.

Cloud operations

A one-stop-place for all customer information

Upload contracts, such as MCA, SLA, that your customers can digitally see and sign. Reassure also offers one place for all support & ticketing.

Give your customers the ability to manage their own Governance

Get a simple overview of the 3 most important categories. Customers can report and solve risks quickly with 1 click. Let them manage their own Cloud.

Manage more intelligently by giving your customers more control

Let your customers scale up and down themselves and manage their own subscriptions & licenses. You save time and stay in control.

Sell value

Improve your customer environment with automated recommendations

Give your customer the attention they deserve. Optimize quickly through automated recommendations and improve month after month.

Provide better products with our feedback loop

Listen and respond quickly to your customers' feedback. Optimize your products & services and increase your NPS.

Create more satisfaction with complete Governance access

With Reassures Governance Dashboard, your customers have a complete overview. This will lead to fewer questions and more customer satisfaction.

Resell services and earn easier

Build your business further with Reassure. Various services within Reassure can be offered to your customers through reselling.

Offer your customers more

With the Additional Services of Reassure, you will be able to make more money in the same amount of time. No extra resources needed, because you can use our proven templates, strategies, and more. Priced separately per month. Just choose and use as you like. We deliver it white-labeled through Reassure.

Azure Datacenter Migration

We have extensive knowledge of migrating datacenters to Azure. It is a fixed, proven approach that will help you move your (customers) datacenter to Azure. With this template, you can migrate yourself, but we can also work together. Reassure is always happy to support you in the process whether it is about designing, implementing, or setting up the managed services afterward.

Landing zones for AKS and AVD

Our AKS and AVD landing zones always meet the latest standard of security, governance, and managed services. They will be maintained and updated continuously. You only need to migrate your customers' resources to the landing zone and focus on giving them the support they need. Optionally, sell this as a service to your customers and generate more margin while we get you covered with our best practices.

Support from Intercept

You can benefit from the support of an Azure Expert MSP. Intercept can manage some topics, while you learn more about them. This will help you lighten the load and get more speed. Consider Intercept managing your customers' resources, helping you with PEC/MCI related issues, or providing Lighthouse setup support. Intercept does this fully white-labeled, you can sell it to your customers and make this scalable month over month. You can scale up and down support each month. We do whatever you need to create a great cloud MSP practice.​

Azure designs and reference architecture

With our design template, you are absolutely sure that you cover all the necessities when migrating to Azure. From governance and compliancy to infrastructure, platform or cost management, and managed services. Reassure has you covered. These Azure designs are proven. With this design, template Intercept has successfully migrated more than 150 customers to Azure.

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Be Reassured

With tools to standardize your MSP process and a support team who is backed up by a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP that is happy to help, getting your cloud MSP business on Azure thriving has never been easier.